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Open coal pits in Kemerovo region

2013 • Kemerovo region. Russia

About company

Thanks to shareholders of MPO Kuzbas PJSC - Salesi Investments Ltd and Indtek Finance B.V. - current project of A1 owns 65% of voting share of the company. MPO Kuzbass CJSC is a holding company which owned a 98.8% share of Ugolnaya kompaniya “Zarechnaya” LLC, and shares of Yu-Trans LLC and SHO Zarechie LLC. Under the obtained right А1 Investment Company takes all necessary measures to protect legal rights and interests of all the shareholders of MPO Kuzbass CJSC. Investment company А1 intends to create a large player in the coal market through the consolidation of small and medium enterprises on the basis of Ugolnaya kompaniya “Zarechnaya” LLC.