Cooperation with Strategic Investors

А1 acts as a partner in cooperation with strategic investors, initiating projects in the fields of its core competence:

  • risk management,
  • corporate finances,
  • transactions,
  • strategic management.

The strategic investor usually plays a leading part in the operational, sectoral and technological spheres.

А1 and Alfa Group have successful experience of cooperation with large international strategic investors; the most well-known of these are the partnerships with Telenor in project VimpelCom, with British Petroleum in TNK-BP, with MTG in Story First, with Diageo in D Distribution and the Smirnov brand, and with TeliaSonera in MegaFon.

Cooperation with Financial Investors

The benefits of of А1's skills are:

  • experience of investment business in Russia and the CIS,
  • resolution of complicated corporate situations,
  • work in various sectors and types of projects.

Partnership with financial investors whose experience and professionalism supplement the competence of А1 makes it possible to reduce risks and to improve project control.

As an active investor, А1 also manages the capital also of the partners who are unable to lead a project on their own, such as, for example, direct investment funds and their clients. Cooperation with А1 allows them to achieve the  necessary degree of integration in the project and control over it.

Cooperation with Shareholders of Companies

А1 uses its experience, capital and other resources to implement strategies of the growth of portfolio companies value. All shareholders in these companies are equal beneficiaries in the results of А1 initiatives to achieve this growth.

Cooperation with А1 enables shareholders in  the companies to resolve complicated corporate situations, gives them the opportunity to exercise their rights as shareholders, and also protects them against hostile takeovers and other such actions.

Investment Strategy

A1's strategy is to increase of the value of invested funds through  to the growth of the portfolio company (both organic and from M&A deals), and the creation of a competitive business structure for the company by optimizing its financial flows, selling non-core assets, introducing effective management and resolving complex corporate problems.

The main feature of the investment process at А1 is the careful and comprehensive legal due diligence of projects. А1 has one of the strongest teams of highly professional lawyers who successfully use of legal methods to implement projects in Russia and abroad.

Role of А1 in Portfolio Companies

Strategic Management
Development and implementation of growth strategies of the value of the portfolio company. The extensive practical experience of А1 in this field increases the efficiency of its strategic development, avoiding many managerial errors while realizing the maximum potential of the portfolio companies.

Operating Management
Together with management, professionals assigned by A1 participate in achieving various operational objectives: from the development of data collection and processing systems to the introduction of monitoring procedures and effective business development.

Motivation Schemes
А1 encourages the use of incentive and bonus schemes, using the latest methods enhanced by its own experience. The basic principles of such systems are achieving the best possible results in the interests of shareholders and staff, meeting key objectives, building staff loyalty, and focusing on the long-term growth in equity value.

Acquisitions, Mergers, Business Sales
А1 has unique experience in buying and selling companies. А1 uses this when making transactions in portfolio companies in order to increase thir value of the portfolio companies through consolidation, addition of missing production facilities or business lines and through the sale of non-core assets.

Managing Financing and Capital Structure Optimization
А1 has huge exerience in transaction finance; it has long-term and stable relations in banking and financial circles. We help portfolio companies to attract financing on beneficial terms or to reduce cost through optimizing the capital structure.

Company Value Maximization at Project Completion
As an asset investment company, А1 sells portfolio companies to a wide range of investors, using various models of arranging and structuring transactions. Selecting the best strategy, method and time of sale is the final stage in the process of maximizing investment value.