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12.09.2016   А1 press-releases

А1 Supported Skolkovo MBA Anniversary Grant Program

Moscow Skolkovo School of Management finalized the second stage of an ambitious MBA grant program coincided with the business school tenth anniversary.

Over 700 people became participants of the competition’s second stage. 26 participants, i.e. entrepreneurs who proposed the most striking and follow-on concepts of their own business projects as well as corporations managers who solved case studies and demonstrated entrepreneurial leadership got an opportunity to present their projects to the award panel.

The contest committee included Alexander Tinkovan, President at M. Video, Oleg Tsarkov, CEO at Phoenix Advisors, Andrey Marchenko, Managing Director at A1, Yury Korneev, HR Director at Novatek, Mikhail Semikov, Marketing Department Director at B&N Bank,  Yana Makoveeva, Head of Staff Development Department at Unilever, Andrey Sharonov, Business School Rector, Svetlana Pashkevich, SKOLKOVO MBA and EMBA Programs Director, Evgeny Plaksenkov, Head of Finance, Payments and Electronic Commerce Department at SKOLKOVO, Igor Krayevsky, Head of Strategic Projects Department at SKOLKOVO, Andrey Shapenko, Project Manager at SKOLKOVO Institute of Emerging Markets Researches, and Danila Sharapov, President of SKOLKOVO Graduates Community. Maxim Feldman, the Skolkovo Clients Service Line Manager and the graduate of business school, became a moderator of the grants final.

4 participants got an educational grant in the amount of 30 000 Euro, covering 50% cost of the MBA program-based training:

  • Ruslan Akhtyamov (Napoleon Publisher - digital publishing business);

  • Elena Morozova (Atsearch - crowdsourcing within IT recruitment);

  • Igor Timofeev (Love-Piano - pianos and grand pianos sale);

  • Anton Markovets, Business Development and Licensing Manager at Sandoz.


"My project, Atsearch, a crowdsourcing agency specializing in IT staff recruitment, became the participant of the business incubator opened on the basis of SKOLKOVO school in 2014. Therefore my business in fact has already been integrated into SKOLKOVO ecosystem for a long time. I often visit business school, I adore the atmosphere of creativity, inventions, cooperation prevailing here, I saw with my own eyes two classes having passed trainings under updated modular MBA program, and I know, how inspired and revived for new progress become children after training. Immediately upon getting to the business incubator my project turned from a startup into steadily growing business, I considerably developed as a manager and full well realized that MBA is my next and necessary step of development. Following the results of program training I hope to develop as a leader, as a personality. In addition to an opportunity to gain new knowledge for me it is extremely important to get into the community of talented, successful and intelligent people with whom I will share the same desk, with whom I can impart experience, pass different tests together", - shared victory emotions Elena Morozova.

The recipients of educational grants in the amount of 20 000 Euro became:

  • Alexey Shauro ("Vse Prosto" - clothes processing);

  • Evgeny Oshchepkov (Urals FD Bank);

  • Konstantin Kulikov (Kizlyar Supreme - knives production);

  • Elena Nikolaeva (ExpaTour - unusual travelling across Russia for expats);

  • Andrey Idiatulin (Vimar - products distributor for the "Smart House" systems);

  •  Konstantin Zubkov (Biwell - healthy coffee);

  • Alexey Kotelkov (DocU Calling a Doctor Mobile Service);

  • Sergey Olevanov, Head of Schlumberger Drillsite Services Group;

  • Yulia Arslanova, Finance Director at Motul;

  • Olga Odintsova, Director at Ernst & Young;

  • Sergey Rezontov, Finance Director at Mechel;

  • Maxim Gafurov, Commercial Director at Health Protection Technology.


"I have considered an opportunity to get a business degree for a long time. This summer I finally made the choice in favor of SKOLKOVO school - it became my aim, and I reached it. I am expecting a lot of new impressions and hope to meet many new interesting people and to get quite specific and valuable for me knowledge", - noted Olga Odintsova.

"I expect training at business school to result, first of all, in my both professional and personal development. Notwithstanding existing experience and ideology, I make up my mind to study from scratch and to imbibe knowledge. As in the known history where the teacher at the first lecture at institute says: "Forget everything that you learned at school!"", - said Maxim Gafurov.

Addressing finalists, Andrey Sharonov said: "I understand what way you have already made to be here today. It would only be more difficult in the future. But I urge you not to regard what is going on here as a very useful and important event in your life. I am telling, maybe, a seditious thing - it is not critical if you receive a grant or not. It is important that you got on a business school orbit, and in future each of you will draw conclusions from this and will take to the extreme all opportunities for the benefit of own development. I wish you good luck!".

Commenting on the contest results, Alexander Vinokurov, President of A1 Investment Company, noted: "We appear for the partner of SKOLKOVO MBA grants contest for the second year in a row, we participate in two formats - hand over a grant from A1 and my personal grant. Investments into business education are a part of our social program. It gives talented managers a chance to get serious support from business, and us, in our turn, - to recruit extraordinary managers to our team. In 2016 over 1000 participants’ applications from across the country have been submitted. We intentionally have not imposed specific requirements to candidates, for example, we have not limited their field of activity or an industry of represented projects. We looked for courageous, self-assured, unconventionally conceiving people capable to take the responsibility within solution of the most difficult managerial tasks - such we are ready to employ to A1".

Winners of educational grants contest will get student ID cards within the festive events coincided with an anniversary meeting of the Business School International Trustees Board and will start training under the SKOLKOVO MBA program in October, 2016.