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18.07.2016   А1 press-releases

A1 protects the rights of business heirs


A1 acquired the rights of claim to the Group of Companies "CineLab" and its affiliated organizations that own real estate assets in Moscow. The aggregate value of the assets is in excess of $ 120 million.

These assets are a part of the inheritance handed down to the family of Dmitry Buravlev. Shareholders of the GC "CineLab" and of the affiliates refused to accept the Mr. Buravlev's heirs as participants in commercial companies. After that, within two years and under various excuses, they unreasonably delayed the process of payment of the share actual value in the total business. All proposals of the former partners at the feet of the heirs were expressly discriminating. A1 protects the rights and legitimate interests of the heirs.

"We acquired the rights of claim for the GC "CineLab" and its affiliated organizations, and we intend to exercise them by using all possible legal instruments and available experience", - reported the press service of A1.

Information on the GC "CineLab"

The Company "CineLab" was founded in 2001 by Dmitry Buravlev, Igor Rtishchev, Sergei Razin and Alexander Maryagin. "CineLab" is the leader of the Russian services market for filmmakers, film distributors and cinema chains. In 2012, the Company started the delivery of movies digital copies to cinemas via satellite "Express-AM2" belonging to the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Satellite Communications." To date, more than 3.3 thousand digital screens are operating in Russia and the CIS. "CineLab" basic services are satellite delivery of movies, lighting and camera equipment rental, studios, equipment for shooting movies, film processing, digital postproduction.

"River City" Business Center (total area of 12,4 thousand sq.m.), the Business Center on Tikhvinskaya (3,2 thousand sq.m.) are in possession of the affiliated organizations of the GC "CineLab", as well as other commercial properties.

Information on A1

A1 is a key investment division of the Alfa-Group Сonsortium. A1 is a leading Russian expert in special situations, which involve various economic and corporate challenges.