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27.11.2014   А1 press-releases

А1 has entered into agreement about cooperation with the OJSC Armada majority shareholders

А1, a member of Alfa Group Consortium, has entered into agreement about cooperation with a number of OJSC Armada shareholders who own 28 % of the Company in total. А1 will represent the interests of structures affiliated with the shareholders concerning the shareholders control and corporate management, as well as in the courts of the Russian Federation and international courts concerning the return of assets alienated from Armada Group. The parties keep the commercial conditions of the transactions confidential.
Earlier, A1 Group became a shareholder of OJSC Armada; it acquired one million of shares (6.9 %) at the public market. This investment decision was adopted in accordance with the A1 strategy for acquisition of undervalued assets, including those with complicated corporate situations.