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06.07.2012   General news

Splav Corporation has attracted orders worth 400 mln roubles

Источник: Business news agency

During the first half year, Splav engineering corporation achieved victory in more than 35 tenders, as a result of which the company’s enterprises will receive contracts in the sum of about 400 mln roubles.

The greatest part of the tenders were held by current facilities, and those under construction , in the nuclear industry, among which are the Smolensk, Rostov, Kalinin and Leningrad atomic power stations, the company has stated.

The corporation has informed us that the first half year saw a good result in attracting new orders – more than 75% in money terms of the total volume of tender proposals.

Splav Corporation manufactures pipeline fittings for the nuclear industry and the oil, gas and chemicals complex. The corporation’s products are used in the majority of Russian atomic power stations, and also in atomic power stations in China, Bulgaria, Hungary and Lithuania.