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24.06.2012   General news

TOP-10: Mikhail Khabarov’s Principles

Источник: Topneftegaz.ru

Mikhail Khabarov is the President of А1, a company which, being Alfa-Group’s investment arm, focuses on investments in venture projects undervalued by the market.
This is how Mikhail Khabarov describes А1’s principles, ongoing projects, and business strategy:
1. We have partners in practically all projects. Generally speaking, А1’ principle consists in the setting up within the shortest possible time of a platform that would be broad enough to find more growth points. Cooperation with our partners is the factor driving the acceleration. Partners help us grow.
2. We know how to handle investments, finances, management, resolution of corporate and other disputes, while the partner contributes its expertise in a specific business.
3. А1’s specialization is the search for undervalued non-public assets. The undervaluation of such assets often stems from multiple risks associated therewith, such as corporate, financial, legal, and administrative risks.
4. Each business relies on its own strategy and is managed directly by its immediate manager.
5. The main goal: every five years А1 must create a new business line for the Group.
6. The special nature of А1’s investments is defined as follows: we are ready to enter when enterprises of industries are in the midst of their hard times and share risks.
7. One should draw a clear line between a personal relationship and a business relationship. One may remain on good terms with a person despite of the existence of corporate differences.
8. Banking is a transactional business with rather strict business processes. Its objective is to grant and recover loans. Where a bank finds that instead of a credit and funds it has a property unit in its possession, this is an emergency situation!
9. We are not interested in industries with long investment cycles or those strictly regulated by law.
10. We prefer to tell about completed projects rather than about those that have been just started.