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02.12.2011   General news

Alexander Kalinin is elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Sistematika

Источник: CNews

The Sistematika Group has announced that at a meeting of the company’s Board of Directors held on 30 November this year Alexander Kalinin was unanimously elected as its chairman.

Alexander Kalinin was born in 1955; in 1978 he graduated with a first class degree from Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics.  He has a doctorate in technical sciences. In 1993 he was one of the founders and a director of the computer company Kompulink. In 1994 he founded, and until 2000 headed, Landata Research and Development Centre. Between 2000 and 2004 he was first deputy director, and subsequently acting director at Voskhod Research and Development Institute, chief designer at Vybory State Automated Systems, and an adviser to the Minister of Communications. Since July 2004 he has been first vice-president of the Advisory Committee on Corporate Governance. In January 2005 Kalinin became president of the Advisory Committee, in 2006 — president of the Akvarius Group, and in 2008 — a member of the Board at the Sistematika Group.

The meeting of the Board discussed both matters relating to the Group’s strategic development and also the tasks to be achieved in the short term. The following were identified as priority areas for the group’s business development: power generation, finance, the state sector and telecommunications — the Sistematika Group aims to achieve substantial growth in its share of the market for IT projects in these sectors. In this connection Alexander Kalinin observed: “The strategy adopted by the Group’s Board at the start of this year, aimed at consolidating resources on our priority areas for development of the skills and business of the Sistematika Group, and accelerating this development by a combination of organic growth and M&A transactions. An important step in this direction was the acquisition of Sainer, a leading developer of SAP applications in the sphere of power engineering. We will be taking further steps to advance our priority areas.”

Alexander Kalinin thanked Leonid Boguslavsky, the previous chairman of the Group’s Board, for his work in the post and wished him success in the realisation of his investment projects.

It will be recalled that the investment fund Ru-Net Holdings, which is managed by Leonid Boguslavsky, sold it stake in the Sistematika Group, and Mr Boguslavsky’s representative informed CNews about this.  The funds acquired will be used on the Russian projects owned by Ru-Net Holdings.