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09.11.2011   А1 press-releases

President of А1 Mikhail Khabarov gave an exclusive interview to Russia-24 TV Channel

President of A1 Investment Company Mikhail Khabarov has given an exclusive interview to TV channel “Russia 24” and answered the questions related to the current state of the investment climate in Russia.

During the conversation, Mikhail Khabarov expressed an opinion that the existing outflow of investments from Russia was a global trend. There were risks not only in the Euro area and in the USA, but also in Russia. At the same time, he reminded that that year there were several major transactions in Russia aimed at the consumer sector.

Answering the questions concerning the major investment trends in the Russian economy, Mikhail Khabarov emphasized that Russian food production sphere, together with the consumer sector as a whole, and also infrastructure, Oil & Gas and IT sectors would remain attractive for both external and domestic investors during the following few years.

“Attracting new investors to Russia requires improvement of investment climate, including measures to be taken at the legislative level. Today there is a great program, initiated by the Russian Government, focused on creation of International financial center in Moscow. It sets forth 30 key points of what should be changed in Russia so that investors could feel comfortable here”, — said Mikhail Khabarov. President of A1 pointed out that Russia had all conditions to achieve that goal.