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30.11.2010   А1 press-releases

Iliya Khaykin was Appointed A1 Managing director

Iliya Khaykin has joined the team of A1. He is currently responsible for Communications and Analytics.

— Iliya Khaykin is a successful manager who can match strategic business approach and his ability to create an efficient corporate communication system. I’m absolutely sure that his management experience and deep business knowledge will be appreciated in the Company at their true worth. One of his key tasks in 2011 is to create a comprehensive system of evaluation of perspective economic sectors that can be of A1 interest, as well as analysis of projects’ investment appeal, — said Mikhail Khabarov, President of A1.

Before coming to A1, Iliya had held the position of deputy CEO and member of Management board of Alfa Capital Asset Management since September 2006, being responsible for strategy of business development, market analysis and communication policy.

Has more than 10 years experience in asset management and investments industry. Prior to Alfa Capital Asset Management, Iliya Khaykin worked as Deputy CEO of Allianz ROSNO Asset Management Company.

During last few years Iliya Khaykin is being recognized as Top-5 of Financial Sector Commercial Chef Officers by “Top-1000 Rating of the most professional Russian managers” of PH “Kommersant”. In 2010 he leads the list of corporate management Chef Officers of Financial Sector.