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15.07.2009   General news

After the canadians, Kronverk Cinema comes to Ukraine

Источник: Contracts (Kyiv)

The economic crisis has only accelerated the process of replacing old cinemas with new complexes.

The expansion of foreign cinema networks is evidence of a promising outlook for the Ukrainian film distribution market. After the appearance of the first 3D hall of the Canadian IMAX corporation about a year ago, the large Russian Kronverk Cinema network opened a cinema. Kronverk is one of the 5 largest Russian networks by number of cinemas and box-office takings. In March 2009, the first 7-screen Kronverk Cinema was opened in Kharkov.

The Polish media group ITI, which owns Multikino, Poland’s largest cinema network, the Israeli company Cinema City International, and also the Russian networks Five Stars and Cinema Park have all announced their intention to enter the Ukrainian market. However, it is not yet known when their cinemas will be opened in Ukraine.