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26.04.2011   General news

Revenue of the Independence Group Exceeded 30 Billion Rubles in 2010

Источник: RIA Novosti

Revenue of the Independence Group, a large Russian automobile retailer, was RUB 30.7 billion (1,1$ bln) in 2010, which is higher than the revenue in 2009 by 21%, Oskar Akhmedov, CEO and Board Chairman of the Group, informed at a press conference in RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

“As a whole, the last year revenue of Independence Group were 30.7 billion rubles, which allowed us to take the fourth place in the Russian automobile dealer rating. Last year the Group sold 20.6 thousand vehicles and over three thousand second-hand vehicles with mileage”, Akhmedov said.

He noted that the Group took one of the top places in relation to all auto brands offered.

“The Group’s market share was 7.5% of the Russian market, and 15% – in Moscow. We managed to increase the number of our centers in Moscow from 16 to 28, and now we have 12 new regional centers. Seven of them are in Yekaterinburg and five – in Ufa”, Akhmedov explained.

Speaking about the perspectives in 2011, he informed that one of the main tasks of Independence Group was the further development of its portfolio of brands which are offered in the Russian market.

“We are negotiating with producers, part of which is already at a serious stage of the signing of agreements of intent and dealer contracts. Simultaneously, we look, within the framework of our regional expansion, at possibilities to conclude partner agreements and M&A deals with regional players”, Akhmedov said, having specified that the most interesting regions for the auto retailer are the Ural region, Western Siberia and the South of Russia.

Besides, according to him, the company intends to develop sales of second-hand vehicles in 2011.

“We have plans to develop business in selling vehicles with mileage. This year, we have a plan to increase these sales twice, including through regional sales, and to have a sales volume of 6.4 thousand vehicles. This year, we are intended to open a large center, a large independent site to sell vehicles with mileage, which will allow us to sell 600-700 vehicles per month from the one place”, the head of Independence Group said.

He added that the Group was also intended to develop financial services. Finservice Company is one of the main sellers of insurance contracts, and we can be compared to leading insurance companies in relation to the number of concluded auto insurance contracts. We see big prospects in development of this line and we are going to expand the range of services offered in auto crediting, credit brokerage, extended guarantee services, all-inclusive service and leasing”, Akhmedov said.

According to him, such a line as the body business also has big prospects for development. “We have managed to reach a turnover of 1.6 billion rubles in the body line, and we consider we have all possibilities to increase it”, Akhmedov concluded.