Expert knowledge of various economic sectors
Competence in protecting shareholders’ rights and investments
Long-term expertise in recovering distressed loans and restructuring assets pledged in security
Unique team of professionals
Ability to invest personal funds
Part of the largest private financial and industrial group of Russia
Many years of experience in investment business in Russia and the CIS.
Experience of participation in the international disputes, enforcement and assets recovery in various countries / jurisdictions
As an active investor, А1 also manages the capital also of the partners who are unable to lead a project on their own, such as, for example, direct investment funds and their clients. Cooperation with А1 allows them to achieve the  necessary degree of integration in the project and control over it.
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А1 uses its experience, capital and other resources to implement strategies of the growth of portfolio companies value. All shareholders in these companies are equal beneficiaries in the results of А1 initiatives to achieve this growth.

Cooperation with А1 enables shareholders in  the companies to resolve complicated corporate situations, gives them the opportunity to exercise their rights as shareholders, and also protects them against hostile takeovers and other such actions.