A1 is the leading investment company in the Russian Federation, the key investment subdivision of Alfa-Group, one of the major private financial & industrial consortiums in the country.

A1 carries out all types of investment projects, including crisis management and resolving corporate conflicts in order to build steady competitive enterprises with an effective system of corporate organization and management.

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А1 is investing its own funds,
and, acting as the managing company,
investors’ funds, first of all, that of the Alfa-Group stakeholders
A1 strategy is intended to
  • Repay the bankrupt structure’s
    loan obligations
  • Increase the investment valuation through
    company’s growth (both organic growth and through M&A deals)
  • Create a competitive business

The top priority for A1 is to sell the asset at the peak of its value to assure the investor gets the best return on investment.

The investment process at А1 is distinguished by a thorough and comprehensive legal due diligence of the projects. The company has one of the best teams of professional lawyers within Russia with vast experience in implementing projects both within Russia and abroad.