Сorporate Social Responsibility

A1 strives to be a leader amongst Russian investment companies, not solely based on business indicators, but also considering sustainable development and social responsibility issues. Corporate and social responsibility practices in the investment sphere differ from traditional CSR concerns, as they assume a company’s participation in managing sustainable development issues in their portfolio companies. As a practitioner of responsible investment principles, A1 believes that its deserved reputation as a responsible investor is its primary achievement. 

A1 understands that its corporate and social responsibility activities are integral, and that these activities need to be upgraded in line with corporate development. Social development contributions should be directly proportional to the Company’s business success.

A1 is committed to taking into account environmental, social and managerial factors, as well as to tackling corruption and unethical business practices through all available tools.

A1 realizes its social responsibility extends beyond the limits of business, and it strives to positively contribute to social development via special projects aimed at supporting people in need, and educational and sports programs.


Tatarenko Maria

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