А1, Alfa-Eco back then, has been established in 1989 as the first and the main company of Alfa-Group Consortium.

Over 20 years, A1 has accomplished a wide range projects, many of them have been integrated into Alfa-Group as stand-alone structures, and now these are the key structures for the economy of the Russian Federation.

Some of them are: Alfa-Bank, the largest private bank in the Russian Federation; TNK-BP, one of the leaders in Russian oil industry; VympelCom, telecom operators (Beeline trademark) and MegaFon; X5 Retail Group, national retailer (retail networks: Perekryostok, Pyatyorochka, Kopeyka); Rosvodokanal Group of Companies, and others.

During various periods of its lifetime, A1 has been a large stakeholder in leading enterprises belonging to a range of industries of national economy, such as: MegaFon, national mobile operator; West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant; Achinsk Alumina Refinery; Korshunov Mining Plant; Tagmet Metallurgical Plant; Krasny Oktyabr metallurgical plant; Balakhninsky Cellulose-Paper Plant and Kamsky Cellulose-Paper Plant; Petrosakh oil & gas company; and Trading House of the Descendants of P.A. Smirnov.

In 2004-2005, the Company has undergone the re-branding and changed its name, “Alfa-Eco” has been replaced by “A1”. This was a milestone, from which the priority of the Company’s operations has been shifted towards the strategic and portfolio investment into sustainable, competitive businesses in the territory of the Russian Federation. In particular, within this strategy of choice, in cooperation with the major global brewing companies - Heineken, SABMiller, and InBev - highly profitable projects have been successfully accomplished in brewing industry: Sun Interbrew (trans-national consortium), Vladpivo (Primorsky Kray), Patra (Yekaterinburg), Syabar (Belorussia).

In 2009, A1 has been engaged in the Alfa Distressed Assets (ADA) project; the objective of the project was to accumulate, manage, and sell the non-core assets acquired from the troubled loans restructuring during 2008-2009 crisis.

Today, A1 is specializing in two types of investment projects: special projects - complicated economic projects, and corporate projects - cases and growth projects.

А1 today:

А1 is the leading investment company in the Russian Federation, the key investment subdivision of Alfa-Group, one of the major private financial & industrial consortiums in the country.

А1 is investing into promising companies of the most dynamically developing segments of the economy of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries in order to create the sustainable, competitive enterprises having the efficient system of corporate and management structure.

А1 is investing its own funds, and, acting as the managing company, the capital of its investors, first of all, that of the Alfa-Group stakeholders.

A1’s operation is demanded by the economy of the Russian Federation and the society in general. The A1 projects gave birth to such companies as Alfa-Bank, TNK-BP, VympelCom, X5 Retail Group, Rosvodokanal Group of Companies, which further have become not only the Alfa-Group’s strategic business lines, but also gained significance for the entire country’s economy.

A1’s operations are aimed at improvement of the corporate governance quality in portfolio companies, significant increase of capitalization, achievement of financial sustainability and transparency of the enterprises, and, ultimately, at improvement of investment attractiveness and competitiveness of the national economy. А1 is a leading expert in complicated economic and corporate cases. The instruments of the Company enable highly efficient accomplishment of all types of investment projects, including crisis management and settlement of the tangled cases.